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Make sure to check out Nifrost

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Nifrost is a brilliant folk metal band that hails from Bergen, Norway. From their album, Motvind I have featured my all time favourite song "Byrdesong".

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For the past few years I have been eagerly working on my very first release hoping to submit to steam in september


Old Norse Game Studios


Back in 1987, I recieved my first Sega Megadrive for Christmas. Since then I have been a dedicated gamer on all platforms. Throughout the years, I have Dreamed of designing games, as it was my passion to deliver a one of a kind game.

My journey of starting Old Norse, began years ago in my home office. With limited resources and no training at the time. I took it upon myself to learn every possible aspect of development, from coding to asset creation. I have spent countless hours studying, creating and bringing my vision to life.

A lot of the games I have played, have some excellent aspects in them. However I believe them to be missing key elements that would make their games more appealing to hardcore gamers. I decided to start OLD NORSE to try and usher in a new era of game design.

Being a gamer first and foremost, has given me the opportunity to Listen to and discuss the games that I have played with fellow gamers. This has given me the ability to cut the bad elements out and design a game that offers the best experience to all types of gamers.




Angus comes from a small town in the Blue Mountains NSW. He is a very talented artist and has agreed to help me with this project.

Angus is a wonderful father to a beautiful little girl who has had some health issues. Angus has not asked for payment from me, all he has requested is that I deposit funds into this JANE OLSEN SUPPORT FUND address to support his daughter.

Any support from our community would be greatly appreciated. Lets all help to get this little bundle of joy better. Also click on the images below to see his great art friend him on facebook and perhaps buy one of yourself. .




Sotrare is a small team based in the netherlands who have been helping me out with the multiplayer aspects

Originally I was going to do it all by myself but after seeing their work, I couldnt trust anyone more with the task.

They specialise in all forms of IT solutions, and also have a firm grasp on unity Networking framwork.

Check out their website using thisk: Softrare Web link or visit them on twitter and Youtube.

Asset 3d- Character modeling

 These talented Character artists are based in Europe. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with them. Here is a link to there website http://assets3d.com 

make sure to check out their stuff.


Viking Age - Odins Warrior

This will be the crowning jewel in my portfolio and has been made with a one man dev team. Making this game I have tried to capture, and recreate a historically accurate viking world. The game map Is currently 100km x 100km, situated in a 300km x 300km open ocean. With the ability too create your own towns, weapons, and explore the huge lands and seas. This online multiplayer world is sure to excite.

Open World Medieval Sandbox/ RPG

Here are just some of the implementations of this game:

Huge 100km x 100km Open world mainland
300km x 300km Open Ocean with wave and weather effects
over 100 customised skills to learn
Character classes that learn differently
Dynamic weather effects / day night cycles
Gigantic Item DataBase with crafting
Over 1000 unique NPC characters
Dynamic NPC AI
Hidden locations - most given from NPC interaction
Travel by foot, horse, or a viking longboat
Easy to learn combat system based on mouse axis input
Build building, forts, traps, castles, items, weapons and more
Fully interactable terrain including tunneling, mining and lumber jacking

Massive Online Multiplayer
Fully Immersive Audio
Designed to force co-op, Lone wolf or Bandits will find it hard
Early Alpha Access
Hours of fun